The Fruta Project is a community-building photo and poetry project dedicated to food, culture, identity, and connection.

Is there a meal, a spice, a dinner table, a food cart, a fruit stand, a garden, or a person that captures the essence of how food plays an intricate role to define your life, your family, or your culture?

You can share your story. Photos and words are submitted by artists and community organizers from around the world who want to share how food and culture intersect in their life.

Submission process starts Summer 2013.

Get Ready! We will have ideas and details for submissions closer to the launch. The project may morph and grow as we talk to people, receive submissions, and learn to articulate exactly what we’re hoping for. In the meantime, here’s ways to get started:

1. Site Launch: Look at the site and provide feedback.
2. Photos: Start taking photos of food moments in your life.
3. Words: We’ll be accepting quotes, short stories, poems, spoken word, or similar format pieces that complements the photo you are submitting.

All work will be attributed to the artist, and not used for other purposes than stated above. Original submissions only. Suggestions and feedback welcome. Email

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